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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does the Tour of the Line train stop in the Canyon?
Yes, but you cannot leave the train. It stops to pick people up or drop staff off.
How long is the train ride?
It is approximately 12 hours 1 way (24 hours round-trip). It can be longer at busier times of the year.
Is there food served on the train?
No, you must bring your own food and beverage on the train.
Can we bring alcohol on the train?
No you cannot bring alcohol on the train.
How far is Catalina from the train station?
About 2 miles.
How far is the Companion (Hearst) from the train station?
100 yards.
What is there to do in Hearst?
You can get a list of things to do by going to
Is there a restaurant at Catalina or the Companion?
Catalina (Sault Ste. Marie) is in the restaurant hub of the city, the Companion (Hearst) does have a restaurant on site.
When does the train run?
This train runs year round departing Sault to Hearst on Thursdays, Saturdays and Mondays and Hearst to Sault Fridays, Sundays and Tuesdays.
What is the difference between the Agawa Canyon train and Tour of the Line?
They both travel the same line but the Agawa Canyon train has a scheduled stop in the Canyon, Tour of the Line does not. Tour of the line train travels the entire length of the line (295 miles) Agawa Canyon only goes 114 miles.
How many days is the Tour of the line trip?
It is a 2 day train ride.
How many hours am I on the Tour of the Line Train?
Going straight to Hearst it leaves at 9:00 am and is scheduled in Hearst around 7:00 pm. Doing the Canyon Combo departure time is 8:00 am with a 1.5 hour stop in the Canyon then scheduled arrival around 7:00 pm.